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Louis Rousseau, Senior Consultant

Although his specialty originated within high tech firms, Louis Rousseau has garnered a great deal of trust and credibility with clients from all industries and sectors. He is extremely adept at lending his skills, which he has acquired throughout his diversified career in marketing, sales, information technology, and consulting. Combining strategic vision and inspiring leadership, Louis sets and attains operational objectives. Louis Rousseau is able to quickly grasp the essence of a situation in order to optimize the end goal for the client, and engages his team and stakeholders enabling the maintenance of focus within the working group. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to make a difference.

Sample Recent Projects Include:

Communications Security Establishment (CSE) & Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC) - Lean Assessment & Coach The Program Management Office (PMO) wishes to implement Lean at CSE/PSEPC in order to successfully conduct the integration of nine pilot initiatives. This integration represents a significant change in culture for both agencies and Louis is providing consulting services to develop a framework for the use of Lean, a plan for its implementation and guidance throughout the process through coaching and mentoring members of the PMO and training employees and management in both agencies in accordance with the training plan.

Ottawa Airport - Finance Department: Lean Implementation Louis lead the general accounting departmental reorganization to address unbalanced work allocation using Lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen and Standard Work. Secondly, the capital expenditure process was reviewed in order to improve new resource allocation and establish roles and responsibilities. Lastly, Lean coaching services were provided throughout the implementation and post project.

Ottawa Airport - Lean Assessment and Implementation Airport Coordination Center: Louis lead the implementation of Lean principles and methods with the intent to identify and apply the most efficient, value-added way to provide services. As part of the Lean methodology, activities were used to bring together cross-functional teams to evaluate core processes. These activities focused on identifying the sources of non-value-added activity and prioritizing improvement activities. Louis then lead the team through implementation through a series of Kaizens/Rapid Improvement Events.

Ottawa Airport - Ground Transportation and Parking: Lean Implementation Louis lead the implementation of Lean principles and methods within the Ground Transportation and Parking set of processes. The scope of this project included Value Stream Mapping (Current and Future) to remove non value added activities. It also involved creating new team structures and establishing roles and responsibilities. Lastly, an action plan to deploy new organizational new hire resources when required.

Mexican Food Products - Lean Assessment and Implementation The project consisted of supporting Mexican Food Products in leading and supporting implementation of a Lean Transformation with the goal being to change both the culture, thinking and processes used to improve flow in their progression. Louis lead the team through lean training, implementation (Kaizen) and a SMED activity that addressed the daily start-up and shut-down process of the corn chip production chain in preparation for the implementation of a new bagging system. Louis provided Lean coaching services to the plan director assisting him with leading daily production meetings with his team as well as developing Lean thinking in order to optimize operations.

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