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At Lean Advisors, we use Lean and Kaizen to transform entire organizations. Our senior Lean Consultants help individuals become Lean Leaders within their organizations as they overcome resistance to change and instill a Lean Culture of continuous improvement.


Lean Advisors is a Full Service Lean Consulting and Training company. While we are passionate about Lean Transformation, we understand that methods can’t be imposed on organizations.

We have adopted Lean Tools such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Mistake Proofing and Kaizen as well as additional Lean Methodology in order to customize each Lean Training and Lean Consulting program to meet to the unique needs of our clients.

This site is organized around the sectors that we serve: Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Lean Education, Lean Office/Administration, Lean Government Services and Lean Facility Design. We’ve put an emphasis on practical, real-world solutions that reflect the true spirit of Lean and Kaizen.

Lean Advisors employs senior consultants who are veterans in the industries they serve. To learn more about how we can help you make your organization everything that it can be, Contact Us or Call 1-877-778-6413.

News & Events


Lean Yellow Belt Certification: Introduction to Lean Theory and Methodology for Practitioners - Oct. 28-29, 2014

Join Us in Ottawa for Yellow Belt Certification! This workshop is designed primarily to provide a practical Introduction to Lean tailored specifically for individuals directly involved in continuous improvement activities.


Lean White Belt Certification: Introduction to Lean for Leaders - Sept 24 | Oct 30

Join Us in Ottawa for Lean White Belt Certification. This workshop is designed primarily to provide a practical Introduction to Lean, tailored specifically for individuals looking to launch a Lean Transformation that marries both methodology and process with cultural, people-related elements for long-term sustainability.


Introduction to Lean & Value Stream Mapping for the Public Sector - August 25-26, 2014

Check it out...we have added a new exciting workshop to our fall line-up of professional workshops. It is the first of a series of Lean Transformation programs for government and service sectors, Introduction to Lean and Value Stream Mapping workshop. The workshop will be led by Lean experts and will be interactive, relevant and contain not only theory but exercises to demonstrate the impact that Lean methodologies and thinking could have on your work environment.


Intersol Group Ltd. and Lean Advisors Join Forces

Intersol Group Ltd. and Lean Advisors join forces to form a full service, integrated, top-tier management consultancy firm.

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