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Welcome to Lean Advisors USA

Lean Advisors (USA) is one of the leading providers of Lean consulting advisory services in the USA .

Our team of highly experienced Lean consultants are passionate about Lean Transformation. Their mastery of Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen methods combined with hands-on industry experience has positioned them as experts in their field. Our Senior consultants are prepared to transfer knowledge, empower staff and build internal capabilities, to implement and sustain Lean in your organization.

Our Lean consultants got their start in the sectors and industries they now serve: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education, Government Services, Food and Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Utilities.

For them, Lean is all about helping people bring real change to their workplaces. We are not general management consultants or accountants; we are Lean implementation specialists. Our Senior consultants have prior experience in strategic planning through their roles as managers and directors of major corporations.

Our tried and tested methodology has been applied in hundreds of companies and organizations. It supports total organizational Lean Transformation, both culturally and technically, by the systematic transfer and adaptation of knowledge, skills and experience to client teams, giving staff the confidence and competence needed to sustain their own Lean Journey.

News & Events


Second Chance for Manufacturing? Dont Miss It!

When management teams know that they can be competitive with Asia in quality, cost and speed of supply then they quickly must re-examine the importance of dramatically and quickly transforming their current methods and thinking - both culturally (value thinking) and processing. We must not kid ourselves, this opportunity to take advantage of repatriation or re-shoring will not last long.


Value Stream Mapping Keys to Success- Watch Webinar

During this webinar, Mike Boucher led us through the keys to successful value-stream improvements in administrative/service environments. Identifying the Root Cause of delays- helping companies to Reduce Costs and Boost Employee Engagement.


Free Webinar- Keys to Success in Value Stream Mapping

Through a unique Value Stream Mapping Process, Lean Advisors help clients identify the Root Causes of delays, errors and bottlenecks - helping them to dramatically Reduce the Cost of their administrative processes, while Boosting Employee Engagement and Improving Customer Experience.


Making the Lean Leap

Featured Article recently published in AMD & More Magazine, authored by Mike Boucher, VP of Client Services.

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