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Change Management

The Lean Advisors Change Management programs enhance the skills and effectiveness of the Lean pilot team in building buy-in, sustainable behavioral and cultural change as well as dealing with resistance.

To manage change ‘the right way’, executives need to set clear targets for measurable return even in the so-called ‘soft skills’ training associated with change. Too often Change Management programs seem to focus on ‘feel good’ platitudes rather than on creating behavioral benchmarks.

Motivating employees for successful change management is not about installing coke machines on every floor or day care facilities – it’s not about touchy-feely new age togetherness. It’s about creating a pragmatic working environment of trust, good communications and mutual respect. It doesn’t happen over night; it is a wide-ranging change effort that takes time but starts with small, easy to do steps.

From the employee or team perspective, management of change is not just about managing your individual reactions and efforts, it’s most often about learning the right way to ‘manage up’. What many authors have identified as ‘change fatigue’ is usually a reflection of the frustration caused by too much ‘talk’ and not enough ‘do’.

Many employees shine best when in ‘do’ mode and our programs help them focus on the right action at the right time. They need to assess and understand management’s needs as well as their own – it’s not just about ‘me’ but also about ‘us’.


CVS (Cultural Value Stream)

Introducing the Cultural Value Stream (CVS©) Process

Lean Advisors Inc. (LEAD®)’s Cultural Value Stream (CVS©) process helps organizations change deep-seated waste-producing behavioral habits and enables a culture that supports and expedites successful Lean implementation. Everyone starts to focus his or her energies outside of the ‘silo’ and on the customer. This is crucial in eliminating both operational and culturally stimulated ‘wastes’ in the system.

Why CVS© is Important

It’s the people who make Lean implementation work or make it fail. Building buy-in and shared responsibility for implementing the Future State is critical to creating a Lean Enterprise. Behaviors can be changed and the waste that has been created by your organization’s culture can be minimized or eliminated.

Using CVS© processes, you can work with your current staff to create a highly productive, dynamic team who will achieve and sustain Lean improvements over the long term.

Lean Advisors employs senior consultants who are veterans in the industries they serve. To learn more about how we can help you make your organization everything that it can be, Contact Us.


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