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Who We Are

Lean Advisors, founded in 1999 by Larry Coté, is a Lean Training and Consulting firm that provides experienced senior lean consultants to deliver unique programs to organizations across North America.  Lean Advisors Training and Consulting workshops provide a wealth of knowledge and practical hands-on experience to our clients which results in helping them to transform their organizations with lean thinking and process improvement.

Rather than preaching methodology and writing reports, our people engage directly with management and staff.

We build real change by addressing both the human and technical elements necessary to support a Lean organizational transformation.

Our consultants understand the challenges of the sectors we focus on: healthcare, education, government services, and manufacturing.  Their mastery of Lean methodology combined with hands-on industry experience has prepared them for tough ‘real world’ issues such as limited budgets, demanding customers, conflicting agendas and staff resistance.

We are pioneers in the application of Lean beyond its manufacturing origins. We are proud of our track record, and invite you to explore our site to learn more or contact us about how we are helping organizations reach their potential.

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