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What We Do

Lean Transformation, not just projects | Lean Culture, not just methods | Lean Practice, not just theory.

It takes more than Lean projects to get sustainable results - what’s needed is a cultural transformation of continuous improvement that touches virtually all of an organization’s activities.



Lean Advisors offers full service Lean Consulting and Training services.  We have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for decades.  Our consultants are experienced hands-on Senior Lean experts/practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying Lean in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government Services, Food, Software, Aerospace, and Manufacturing.

“Lean” is a philosophy of continuous improvement.  A lean organization focuses on increasing customer value, the elimination of wastes, and optimizing process operations.  The key components of lean can be adapted and applied to all types of businesses and processes.

Lean Advisors provides Lean training and consulting services for organizations starting their improvement process, as well as companies that are experienced but need help to achieve a higher level of success.

Below are examples of our workshops/training, certification training and consulting services:

Lean Yellow Belt

Online or Onsite:

  • Introduction to Lean - Concepts and how to apply them (methodology)
  • Value Stream Mapping – analysis of Current State, value vs non-value, Future State, create a Future State Implementation Plan
  • Kaizen Events – scheduling/sequencing to successfully create a Future State
  • Kaizen Events – implementation, coordination, structure to attain maximum results
  • 5S Workplace Organization – standardization, reduce wasteful activities
  • Mistake Proofing – elimination of redundancy, errors, rework etc.
  • Flow and Pull - Learn how to create and achieve Process Flow

Completion Time: Online 10 to 12 hours (flex time) or Onsite 2 days

Green Belt Certification Program

(Prerequisite Yellow Belt Certification or similar training)

Phase 1 - Confirmation of Lean Theory & Concepts

  • Understanding Lean
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Tools Training specific to the needs of your organization or industry
Completion time: Onsite 1 day

Lean Green Belt Certification Phase 2: Practical Application & Certification

  • Selection of Value Stream Mapping project that the participants will work on
  • Value Stream Mapping Charter
  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Analysis of Current State
  • Future State Value Stream Map
  • Future State Implementation Plan – 2 to 3 months detailed plan – Kaizens, expected results
Completion Time: Onsite 6 days

Lean Green Belt Certification Phase 3:  Kaizen Implementation

  • Clear understanding of what the Kaizen opportunities are + sign-off
  • Step-by-Step guide for each selected Kaizen
  • Provide expected Improvement plan for each Kaizen and details to what the targeted metrics will be achieved.
  • Onsite support for Kaizen events
  • Goal – immediate results and transformation
Completion Time: 3 to 10 days depending on customer needs

Specific Training/Workshops

Onsite Lean Transformation:

  • Assessment of processes
  • Introduction and understanding of Lean Tools
  • Guided facilitation of selected Value Stream Map process:
  • Current State
  • Future State
  • Implementation Plan
  • Identification of Kaizen opportunities and step-by-step guide for completion
Completion Time: 10 to 20 days depending on customer complexity/needs

Introduction to Apply SMED or Quick Changeover to all processes

  • Detailed training on what SMED is and how it’s applied to all types of processes
  • Gemba walks of current processes to identify waste and understanding of how the waste is impacting the organization
  • Identification of desired changes
  • Develop a detailed SMED action plan
  • Quick Kaizen Events to start implementation
Completion Time: Onsite 3 days

SMED Boot Camp:  Designed to push companies beyond the introduction SMED work the organization has already completed

  • Detailed review of current SMED activities
  • Design of detailed plan to push team to next level of success
  • Development of detailed 6-month action plan
Completion Time: Onsite 4 days

Workshop 5S and How to Apply in your organization

  • 5S training
  • Current State 5S Review
  • Development of 5S Improvement Metrics
  • Development of 5S action plan
  • How to sustain results
Completion Time: Onsite 2 days

Understanding and Developing Lean Improvement Metrics for your Organization

  • Develop an understanding of what Lean Metrics are and how to identify them in your organization
  • Gemba review of current improvement processes
  • Development of Lean Metrics for your organizations continued success
Completion Time: 1 day onsite

Lean Site Assessment

Used to determine improvement starting point, possible process improvement areas, identify process constraints, or help an organization that has been on a process improvement journey push to the next level
  • Gemba walk through process improvement areas
  • Interviews with key process personnel
  • Review of current process improvement efforts
  • Identification of organizations current  process Pain, Conflict and Waste
Completion Time: Onsite 2 days

Root Cause Analysis Training/Workshop

Prerequisite: Problem Solving Skills
  • Develop and understanding of Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagrams and the 5-Why’s techniques
  • Develop countermeasures and prioritize solution options
  • Class exercises and a project to be completed as applicable to your organization
Completion Time: Onsite 1 day or on-line 3 sessions

Visual Management Training/Workshop

  • Develop an understanding of Visual Management and Visual Control techniques, and their applications.
  • Design of Visual Management or Kanban Boards for office processes, manufacturing processes, or services.
  • Implement Visual techniques.
Completion Time: Onsite 2 days

Huddle Meeting – How to Organize and Lean Huddle Meetings

  • Understand Lean Leadership concepts
  • Learn to situate the Daily Huddle Meeting in the context of overall meeting rhythms with staff
  • Use our standard templates to create high quality Huddle meetings
  • Watch examples of Huddle meetings in action
  • Learn the pitfalls of Daily Huddles
  • Apply our templates and methods to your own situation and get feedback from our Senior Consultants
Completion Time: On-site half-day or 2 hours online


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