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Lean Advisors offers full service Lean Consulting and Training services.  We have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for decades.  Our consultants are experienced hands-on Senior Lean experts/practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying Lean in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government Services, Food, Software, Aerospace, and Manufacturing.

Lean” is a philosophy of continuous improvement.  A lean organization focuses on increasing customer value, the elimination of wastes, and optimizing process operations.  The key components of lean can be adapted and applied to all types of businesses and processes.

Lean Advisors provides Lean training and consulting services for organizations starting their improvement process, as well as companies that are experienced but need help to achieve a higher level of success.

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Transformation - 8 Days in 6 Weeks

This Healthcare organization, which recently went through a merger, completed a successful transformation using 8 days in 6 weeks. They dramatically improved their quality, cost, service and standardized the process. This transformation event has resulted in bringing the two cultures together, and staff are now supporting a common direction and strategy for moving forward.


Complete Remote/Virtual Training and Consulting
Plus Remote Workshops/Events Calendar

Lean Advisors now has all your Lean training and coaching options covered!

We have completed our transformation of all our on-site Lean training/consulting programs and now offer effective remote/virtual training/consulting through our Zoom or WebEx services (or through the client's preferred tool) plus Remote/Virtual Workshops.  In addition, the client can enhance the above training and consulting by enrolling their staff in our interactive Online Lean Certification programs which has been utilized successfully by hundreds of our clients to increase the critical learning throughout their organizations.

Click links above for more details and contact us at [email protected] or 1.800.583.0853.


Some Good News – Be Proactive – Focus on Post-Covid

While all of us are doing our part to beat this war on the virus, we have an opportunity to move forward and utilize this time to make our businesses/organizations better and more profitable while engaging staff and raising their spirits. All businesses are struggling. Post Covid, the challenge will be to get your business up and running fast and be able to do more with what you have.

Now is the time to prepare! Don’t wait till after the virus is beaten.

Take this opportunity to build your staff’s knowledge on how they can be a major force in your business’ speedy recovery and make it thrive to even higher heights than it did prior to the crisis.

One suggestion - Our Lean Online Yellow Belt Program, developed with industry experts and Dr. Bob Abell, Learning PhD, has been successfully used by hundreds of companies throughout North America and has been found to be an ideal training for staff at all levels. The program has 7 interactive voiced-over modules covering all the major concepts and the methodology of Lean. There are quizzes and final tests on each module to ensure ‘learning’. It is flexible, and easily accessed remotely. The result is staff will have the necessary knowledge critical to driving and supporting your business strategy for success. Additionally, they will have gained an increased sense of respect and pride in your business.

Also, why not add a little FUN into their lives. Some companies are setting up friendly competition between departments and staff for highest scores. It gives them a little distraction from the constant bombardment of bad news and the monotony/stress of isolation. Contact us: [email protected]

Prepare for Post Virus New World

These are very difficult times for organizations and their families.  Many businesses will be negatively impacted by this Covid-19 virus and will struggle to survive.  And if they survive this crisis, then they will be challenged with a whole ‘new’ world of higher customer expectations.

So, let’s be proactive and not reactive!  Let’s take this time when staff are working from home to gain the critical knowledge they will need to be prepared, and support your efforts when the crisis is over.

Lean Advisors has a full interactive Online Yellow Belt Lean Program already used effectively by hundreds of companies, big and small, both manufacturing and service type, around North America.  The learning/knowledge from these Online programs has trained staff on how to adapt and apply Lean to become more flexible, and be able to make them more competitive and successful.

This virus will be beat!  It will change the world but you can be ready for the post viral economic demands and expectations of your customers.

Please stay safe!

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Smaller Organizations/Businesses - Lean Is the Key to Success During Economic Downturn!

Most businesses are in a state of desperation caused by an unstable economy – higher prices for supplies, labour challenges, and customers spending habits changing during these inflationary times. The good news for owners/leaders is, there are actions fully under their control that they can do to relieve their anxiety and make them more profitable. Read more »

Improving Home Healthcare and Hospice

Home Healthcare and Hospice organizations are facing many challenges including Government regulations, and the ability to hire enough professional staff including nurses.

It is more critical that ever to ensure their processes, especially the information and communication flows, are at a high-level efficiency and effectiveness to maximize profits, increase capabilities and level of care to their patients.

After working with many Home Healthcare and Hospice organizations, we have uncovered the key areas/processes that should be prioritized for improvement – we call them the ‘4 Pillars’… Read more »

Streamline Your Processes and Improve Your Bottom Line with Gemba Walks

Streamline Your Processes and Improve Your Bottom Line with Gemba Walks… Read more »

Medical Administration Professionals Can Accomplish More

The adaptation and application of Lean is focused on providing better and faster care to the patient, and of course doing it at the right cost (no waste).… Read more »

Small Business Corporate Learning & Development Improvement Performance

Smaller business are reaping immediate benefits of Lean

Small Business Results Quote

“The support of St. Lawrence College, and the expertise of Lean Advisors, has transformed our company from a surviving business, to a thriving business.  Our staff are engaged and now have an elevated sense of pride in their work.  All of us are focused on providing ‘value’ to our customers and removing waste in all our processes leading to less cost, higher quality and service.  We have been recognized in the community as a leader and recently won ‘Business of the Year’ award.  We appreciate the efforts of both St. Lawrence College and Lean Advisors and look forward to working with them as we continually take our business to the next level.  From all of us, THANKS.”
Steve Bernard, President/Owner – Auto Service Kingston Inc.

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