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Strategic (Hoshin) Planning Process

Lean Advisors approach to the Strategic (Hoshin) Planning Process with organizations is based on integrating the fundamental Lean Enterprise Value Stream Transformation model.

We believe tying this model to the strategic planning process creates alignment between departments while developing a synergistic approach to achieving success.

The Hoshin Planning Process is a systematic planning methodology for:

  1. Defining the long-range key objectives of the organization.
  2. Optimizing and maintaining the day to day operations of existing business processes and Value Streams.


Hoshin planning, therefore, is an approach that promotes the organization's long term strategies to achieve significant improvement while maintaining a focus on optimizing and creating standard practices to support a stable organizational environment.

Lean Advisors integrates Value Stream thinking into this strategic planning process. A critical element in this thinking is the engagement and involvement of everyone in the organization as we work from the Planning Process through to the Implementation and Reporting phases completing the business cycle.

An important aspect of any planning process is the regular review of the plan.

Any variance between the target and actual results, whether positive or negative, must be reported. Each level of the organization is involved if necessary to develop corrective measures. The objective is to provide the necessary support and resources to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Plan

Lean Advisors works with the Senior Leadership team in terms of “operationalizing” their Mission, Vision and Strategies. It is important to communicate this as well as tangibly describe it in terms of identifying critical Value Streams to improve Key Performance Indicators with respect to Cost, Quality, Service Delivery, Safety and Employee Engagement. Every level of the organization, management  and staff, must align their efforts around the selected Value Stream Transformations.

In effect, the goals of every individual is linked and integrated throughout the organization. The planning process addresses the following:

  1. Completing both an internal & external assessment to identify critical organizational issues;
  2. Establish clear strategies with goals and objectives;
  3. Establish Key Performance Indicators  (Cost, Quality, Service Delivery, Safety & Morale);
  4. Align Value Stream Transformations required to support the strategies
  5. Establish organizational (strategic) implementation plan.
  6. Departmental & personal goals and objectives linked to Value Stream Transformations
  7. Schedule formal plans reviews to confirm results and develop recovery plans
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