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Lean Facilities: Consulting

Lean Design Assessment and Planning

What is Lean Design?

A simple strategy focusing on the ‘value’ to the Client and elimination of non-value added activities as viewed from the perspective of the Client and incorporating this intelligence in the design of the facility.  The result is a Lean facility that will support the staff in providing the best service to their Clients at the least cost for decades to come.

Role of Lean Advisors and Designers

Our role as Lean practitioners is to evaluate the entire, end to end, delivery of service / product and create capacity by removing the burden of waste from the Value Stream.  These findings are then integrated into the design team’s efforts to ensure the ‘waste’ is not incorporated in the design and architecture.  The ultimate goal is to design a facility or space that supports and enhances the processes happening within that space.

Once the initial phases of Lean Design Assessment and Planning are completed, the client will have both immediate Future State Plans as well as the elements that will impact the Lean design of the new facility or space.  Many of the resulting Future State Plans can be implemented for immediate benefit to the ongoing operations while the Client, Lean Advisors and Design/Architects are building the ‘new’ facility.


Partnership with Heartleaf Consulting


Lean Advisors has aligned with Heartleaf Consulting to provide "engineered" supply chain management and logistics solutions. Clients will have access to Lean Advisors' unparalleled experience in Lean transformations over the past two decades combined with Heartleaf's supply chain experience and professionals. Heartleaf has a team of supply chain and logistics professionals with experience across a vast range of industries and sectors including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, transportation, 3PL, retail, consumer product goods, food and beverage, hi-tech, healthcare and government.

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