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Lean Facilities: Training

Value Stream / 3P Process


The Lean Advisors Facilities Training process is a collaboration based process that engages architects, organizations and their clients to look at what is needed to provide facility designers with information and an understanding that supports the design of space which removes all non value added waste at every step of the journey.

Together, we will create a Value Stream/3P process that provides an opportunity to see the complexity of the current state and supports development of required future space within Lean processes and that coordinates planning work across many departments, functions and organizations.

Customized implementation and training support will be built into the methodology and to meet each client unique differences along with their level of understanding of Lean deployment in the planning and design of their facilities.

Overview of Value Stream/3P methodology

  • An understanding of the goals to achieve a Client Focused, system wide approach
  • Clearly articulate/communicate Value Stream/3P scope/goal to the “whole” team
  • Recognize that the world will not stop while we envision the future
  • Respect that when we are together time is a scarce commodity
  • Participation from clients is essential
  • Standard work is necessary for efficiency
  • Flexibility is achieved by breaking down department barriers
  • Interdisciplinary groups should always design processes and facilities
  • Visualization is a key to understanding flow and processes
  • Simulation at all levels is enlightening, it changes peoples’ views on seeing the patient journey as flow – waste is made visible and staff find that at the end they think from a patient perspective – often employing changes as “quick wins” immediately on their units.
  • Our Value Stream/3P Implementation Plan includes an understanding of the required tools, people, impact, timeline and support required

3P Guiding Principles

CPD will provide Value Stream/3P with the objective of applying this methodology within the project framework to realize significant and continuous improvements in access, performance and productivity.  We support our client’s approach to creating transformational change grounded in five core principles:

  1. Continuous Improvement
  2. Challenge
  3. ‘Go and See’
  4. Teamwork
  5. Respect for People

Lean & Green™

For decades, Lean has addressed the consumption issue head on.  By reducing waste, companies improve their economic and environmental performance simultaneously.  When organizations apply Lean, they save energy, space, materials, and human resources while improving their cost efficiency, speed of delivery and quality.

Ultimately, they improve their social and environmental track record while dramatically boosting their bottom line.

Becoming truly green is a transformation involving every employee in the organization.

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