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Lean Healthcare Overview

Healthcare is full of dedicated people who live to help those in need…

When no longer constrained by broken processes, these men and women all over North America are leading the way to shorter wait times, lower costs, and better work environments in our hospitals, clinics, and labs with Lean process improvements.

Lean Advisors have been pioneers in the development of effective Lean methodology, Lean consulting and training for the Healthcare environment. We were one of the first Lean consulting groups in North America to develop Lean Healthcare and begin implementing Lean transformation within healthcare organizations in both the US and Canada.

Healthcare is in desperate need of a new way of thinking in order to improve and provide better service at a lower cost while reducing the increasing pressures and stress on the staff.  Lean Advisors helps create environments that support as well as sustain Lean thinking and continuous improvement.

Lean Advisors employs senior consultants who are veterans in the industries they serve. To learn more about how we can help you make your organization everything that it can be, Contact Us.

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