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Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Lean Advisors Manufacturing Programs help industrial organizations transition to flexible, high performance manufacturing systems used by top global competitors. The proven Lean Advisors methodology adapts to each manufacturing environment while providing a framework for rapid results and sustainable, long-term benefits.

In keeping with the approach proven by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota over 50 years ago, we provide the necessary tools for transformation while nurturing the Kaizen spirit of improvement, allowing the organization to transform from within. Because waste in manufacturing costs money and interferes with quality, our programs take on quality and the bottom line simultaneously.

Results are wide ranging, and typically include reduced labor requirements, less consumption of energy and materials, smaller space requirements, less downtime, fewer errors, faster turnarounds, and better co-operation with suppliers and other business partners.

Lean Advisors employs senior consultants who are veterans in the industries they serve. To learn more about how we can help you make your organization everything that it can be, Contact Us.

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