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Lean Manufacturing Overview

Lean Advisors Manufacturing consultants begin with the Value Stream – the series of processes where real productivity occurs. By improving flow and reducing non-value activity, we help our clients transform their operations to a Lean system that optimizes use of labor, energy, space, transportation, and materials. This improves quality while dramatically reducing costs – we’ve seen clients progress from imminent shutdown to top producer in a few short months.

News headlines remind us daily of the difficulties North American manufacturers are facing.  Rising commodity prices, weak markets, and low-cost competition from the developing world have taken their toll resulting in missed targets, layoffs, and plant closings.

The crisis, however, is not insurmountable. A growing number of manufacturers are using Lean to transition to a globally competitive, high efficiency manufacturing system – the same model that helped the Japanese automotive sector achieve global dominance.

When Lean transformation takes place, customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment are all winners.

Lean Advisors employs senior consultants who are veterans in the industries they serve. To learn more about how we can help you make your organization everything that it can be, Contact Us.

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