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Healthcare – How Much Money Will It Take to Repair?
Grand River Hospital and St Mary’s General Hospital Increases Throughput, Cuts Costs using Lean
The LEAN Experience of the Microbiology Laboratory of The Ottawa Hospital
Regina Health Region Takes a Comprehensive Lean Approach
Surgery Prep Center Cuts out Waste
Mayo Clinic Trims The Fat From Lab Processes
Best in Healthcare Getting Better with Lean
Diagnostic Imaging Project
Medical Administration Professionals Can Accomplish More
Homecare and Hospice - 4 Pillars for Successful Transformation
Lean Successfully Tackles Home Health Care
Success in 8 days!
Medical/Healthcare Administration - Remove the 'Waste'
'Waste' is over 50% in healthcare administrative activities - it is not the staff's fault - the processes are broken. You need to do an analysis of the existing processes from the starting point to the end point to capture all the activities that could either be removed or eliminated and then you can decide what equipment, technology, space or people you require. Without that analysis and implementation, you will be guessing - you will likely just 'pave the cow paths' and make it even more difficult to make improvements.
Healthcare Home Care and Lean
Wait Times - Solution
Wait times have become increasingly worse and there is a way to solve it.
Surgical Initiative
Total Transformation - Quote - Cultural and Operational
Architects Take On Lean - Design Hopsital
Most architects go about designing building using the expertise they have mastered over the years. Now they are taking their expertise and adding in the Lean expertise to create the ultimate design which will support all the 'flows' (processes within the hospital and maximize the service and quality to patients while lowering costs.
Lean Business Intelligence and Leadership - Pathology
QHN - Endorses Lean Advisors' Online Yellow Belt and Green Belt Programs
Online Yellow Belt Program
Global Healthcare Endorsement Quote
Saskatchewan Healthcare Video
Brockville General Hospital - Introduces Lean
Montfort Hospital - Lean Implementation
Lean Advisors To speak to Conference Board About Lean in Healthcare
Lean Advisors Speaking to Conference Board Summit
Provincial Healthcare - Lean Being Implemented to Save $$
Hospital Presidents Look To Lean - Savings, Capacity and Service Success
Lean Advisors Contracted by Prince Albert Cooperative Health
Pharma Meets Lean - Dramatic Positive Impact
Lean and Healthcare Work Together
Online Lean Healthcare Certification - Interactive Format - Real Learning
Video Saskatchewan - Transformation and Architectural Design
Video - Online Healthcare Training Certification Program - Intro
Video - Online Healthcare Training Certification Program - Part 2
Video Online Healthcare Training Program - Part 4 - Real Life
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