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KAIZEN Workshop Overview


Kaizen, Japanese for “improvement for the better”, is at the core of Lean, both practically and culturally.  Lean Advisors Kaizen events are structured sessions where workers build action plans to correct deficiencies, usually identified previously in a Future State Implementation Plan.  These events are the moment of truth for companies, where they take on the barriers that stand between them and their clients.

KAIZEN is a critical tool supporting companies and organizations in their ongoing improvement activities as identified through Enterprise Value Stream Mapping. It is critical for companies to use KAIZEN as part of this system level approach to improvement. The Future State Implementation Plan is based on Lean Principles supporting key company objectives. Through the use of KAIZEN Events, companies improve their end-to-end process through the introduction of Flow and Pull to improve Lead-time, process flexibility and Customer Responsiveness.

KAIZEN Events move companies away from traditional lengthy projects where valuable resources spend more time in meeting rooms and completing updates than in making change happen. KAIZEN Events is a focused approach that brings critical resources together and empowers participants to not only identify root cause and determine solutions but most importantly, to implement the change. Time and effort is spent on the shop floor or wherever the value stream problem exists.

KAIZEN is action focused!


Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce KAIZEN as an improvement tool supporting Lean
  • Understand how KAIZEN supports Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and the Future State Implementation Plan
  • Introduce KAIZEN as a tool that reinforces Team behaviors
  • Introduce a culture of change


Who Should Attend?

In many cases, efforts to implement Lean have stalled because companies have failed to follow through with a formal approach to implementation. KAIZEN Events should involve participants throughout an organization with emphasis on those individuals that will be most affected by the identified changes.

These could be:

  • Operational Leaders
  • Value Stream Managers
  • Financial/Purchasing Managers
  • Trainers/Human Resources
  • Quality Managers
  • Engineering
  • Continuous Improvement Leaders



Novices to KAIZEN Lean implementation should attend "Introduction To Lean Thinking" first to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and principles of KAIZEN Lean.

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