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Lean Black Belt


This phase is essential in the development of Lean Facilitators and Leaders to create the internal capability within an organization to support their Lean journey. Black Belt candidates gain practical experience in leading and training staff and value stream teams. They are also the conduit for the senior leadership team in terms of operationalizing business plans to identify critical areas for improvement within the organization that will directly support the Key Performance Indicators.

Each candidate will be proficient in the following areas:

Hoshin Planning / Strategic Planning / Policy Deployment

Black Belt candidates will be trained in Hoshin Planning to support the Leadership Team and organization in identifying the critical value streams, projects and areas to target that will best support the management team in achieving both their short and long term business plans and objectives. This effort integrates the goals and objectives both vertically and horizontally throughout the organization and between and within Departments. This alignment activity builds consensus and support for ongoing Lean work and continuous improvement activities.

Value Stream Mapping

  • Train staff on the principles of Lean
  • Train staff on Lean Tools
  • Train staff on Value Stream Mapping
  • Train staff and teams on conducting Kaizen events
  • Select and facilitate a Value Stream Mapping Transformation.
  • Coach and mentor the Value Stream Leader in
    • Creating a Value Stream Charter
    • Completing a Current State Map,
    • Completing a Future State Map and
    • Developing a Implementation Plan

Provide a report to confirm all elements have been met

Kaizen Events

  • Train and facilitate teams in the completion of Kaizen Charters.
  • Facilitate and support Kaizen Team Leaders in the implementation of Kaizen Events as per the implementation plan. Candidates will provide a one- page summary of each completed event.

Provide a final report on the implementation including a review of all outcomes and results. This will be evaluated against the original Value Stream Charter.

Reporting against Business Plans

  • Candidate prepares a report, presentation to Senior Leaders and other groups that includes:
    • Regular status updates on all Value Streams, Kaizen activity against implementation plan and other Continuos Improvement activities.
    • Actual results achieved to date by Value Stream
    • Identify the impact of the results against the Business Objectives and Key Performance Indicators.
    • Recommend correction action in order to get back on plan with respect to the Business Plan

Demonstrate that organizational reporting is in place and all critical elements as per above are addressed. Candidate has now successfully completed the Black Belt Certification Program.



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