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Lean Yellow Belt Certification

Prerequisite: Completion of White Belt Training (Introduction to Lean)

Description :

The Lean Yellow Belt Certification is classroom introduction and awareness of the basic Lean and Quality tools that are commonly deployed during Lean deployment. Lean Advisors works with the client to identify the specific Lean tools that are consistent with the industry / business sector and appropriate to the organization. Training is also tailored to meet the needs of Office, Service and traditional manufacturing plant environments

Partial listing of some of the more common Lean Tools is listed below:

Mistake Proofing – Workshop Overview

Mistake Proofing is an established Lean technique for identifying key sources of error and implementing devices, mechanisms, and methods to prevent or eliminate mistakes from occurring.

5S Workplace Organization - Workshop Overview

5S is a simple but highly effective set of techniques that remove waste from your work environment through better workplace organization, visual communication and general cleanliness

Achieving Flow  – Workshop Overview

This hands-on workshop teaches the participants how to create true ‘flow’ in their work environment. Flow is the most effective and efficient way to deliver any good or service for a customer.   Using flow, you will reduce lead times, operating costs, and improve quality. Your clients will see improved and consistent service performance.

Visual Management – Workshop

In this course, participants will learn how to create a cohesive visual management system that provides a complete picture, promoting standard practices while alerting the workplace the moment problems of abnormalities occur. Creating a  simplified visual environment is fundamental to a lean management system.

Kanban Pull – Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed to create a pull system between processes. Kanban pull systems are equally effective in manufacturing, service and office environments.

Lean Advisors also offers Yellow Belt Certification On-Line. Click here for more details.

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