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Value Stream Mapping

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop Overview


Enterprise Value Stream Mapping® is a lean technique that provides this end-to-end ‘systems’ perspective for analysis and coordinated improvement. EVSM® provides a roadmap and shared vision, and an actionable plan.

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping goes beyond the traditional Value Stream Mapping, which came out in the 1990’s. The traditional Mapping focused mainly on the material or product flow with the Information/Communication flows being neglected or set aside - leaving the user with a less than accurate picture of the real Customer Lead Time. After several years of development, we now have developed the new Enterprise Value Stream Mapping tool.

A value stream is the set of all activities, from request to delivery, used to provide a product or service to clients. Understanding and improving processes as integrated end-to-end systems is fundamental to real and sustainable improvement.

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping takes into account the entire Value Stream from customer order (all the information, communication and documentation flows) through to delivery of the product or service. This tool provides us with the complete picture of the Enterprise and allows us to design a more effective Future State Implementation Plan.

With an understanding of the Information/Communication flows and how they are connected (and/or overlap) to the scheduling on the floor and the customer’s processes, our clients are able to make total ‘system’ transformations as opposed to ‘point’ improvements. It also gives an accurate calculation of the true Customer Lead Time.

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping takes the complexity of your organization and transforms it into a simple, visual document. This document is then used to analyze and develop the ‘right’ Enterprise Implementation Plan for your Future State. You will no longer optimize ‘points’ or concentrated areas.

You will have an accurate understanding of the ‘whole’ and be able to predict the impact changes will have on the ‘system’. The result will be a Plan of - what tools need to be applied, where the tools need to be applied and when they need to be applied. Most importantly, Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is imperative for companies who want to be competitive in the 21st century.


Learning Objectives

  • Introduce Enterprise Value Stream Mapping in a hands-on manner.
  • Develop the ability to See The Flow and create Future State Value Streams.


Program Agenda

3 Days - Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop

2 Days - Future Implementation Plan Workshop

The workshop consists of two components. It includes a 3-day session introducing and applying Enterprise Value Stream Mapping as a critical tool supporting Lean.

At the completion of this workshop, the participants will have created a Current State Map and developed their own Future State Value Stream Map.

An additional 2 days is offered in conjunction with this Workshop to assist the participants in the completion of a six month Implementation Plan.


Who Should Attend

In many cases, efforts to implement Lean have stalled because the organization involved used various Lean techniques without sufficient thought to creating a Culture that would enable success. The Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop is for those individuals whose task is to create an environment that fosters and sustains Lean changes in their organization.
These could be:

  • Operational Leaders
  • Value Stream Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Financial managers
  • Trainers



Novices to  Lean implementation should attend ‘Introduction To Lean Thinking’ first to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and principles of Lean.

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