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The support of St. Lawrence College, and the expertise of Lean Advisors, has transformed our company from a surviving business, to a thriving business.  Our staff are engaged and now have an elevated sense of pride in their work.  All of us are focused on providing ‘value’ to our customers and removing waste in all our processes leading to less cost, higher quality and service.  We have been recognized in the community as a leader and recently won ‘Business of the Year’ award.  We appreciate the efforts of both St. Lawrence College and Lean Advisors and look forward to working with them as we continually take our business to the next level.  From all of us, THANKS

Steve Bernard, President/Owner – Auto Service Kingston Inc.


The Lean program has been extremely helpful for both me and my business. It brings new perspective on how to effectively operate your business in a timely and efficient manner. Working with Larry to understand the value of Lean and how to implement it has been an added bonus. The combination of Larry’s experience and knowledge of the Lean method has helped me to re-prioritize labour time and more efficiently manage day-to-day and long term planning. I am very grateful to be able to work with Larry on this project.
Jehna Duncan, CEO/Founder, SimplyWell


“Working with Larry and Ella throughout the Starter Company + program has been a real game changer for me and my business. The support, from both of them, has been outstanding.  Some of the information and general knowledge was not new.  But the adaptation of the Lean methodology and thinking to small business, and the process for actually making use of all of that information, was one of our greatest take away. We are looking forward, incrementally, in bite sized problems to solve. We now have a solid foundation and system to keep us moving forward. I am looking forward to extending this system to additional flows in our business and involving the rest of the team as we build out our next current and future states. Thank you, Larry & Ella, for listening to all of my crazy business stuff! “  
Max Sadlowski, CEO/Founder, Bento SMB


At Auto Service Kingston, we have the best customers. We strive to provide the most Value every visit. We have had lots of help and advice over the years to get to the level we are at now.  We doubled our revenue in the past year and a half and are now expanding to a larger space to handle the growing demand.  A huge portion of that success was from the "Lean" systems that were provided through Larry and his Lean Advisors’ training.  The Lean way of thinking has been extremely beneficial to improving the day to day operations and how we iron out wrinkles in our ever-progressing systems. The emphasis on Lean, for disciplined companies that are interested in growing and maximizing their ability to be the best, is the key.”  
Steve Bernard, CEO/Founder, Auto Service Kingston


“Being able to apply and implement a tried and true business practice originally designed to manage large-scale organizations helped me turn my small business around where it is finally meeting MY needs! Working with Larry and applying lean methodology to my business has changed the way I understand my business and the way I make decisions.  I can now work towards growing the business instead of just managing day-to-day challenges.  Larry will take you outside of the box and help you look all around it! He's approachable and supportive while providing you with the space to find what truly will work for your business!" 
Genevieve Zizzo, CEO/Founder, Full Circle Health Network

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