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Our Philosophy

As proponents of continuous improvement, we are proud of our track record using Lean, yet ever cognizant that individuals, not methods, are the true agents of organizational change.  Our role is a humble one, because the power to make sustainable improvement is not vested in us, but in the men and women who provide value to their customers though their daily work. Organizations are not transformed from the outside – they transform themselves from within.

This was the approach of Taiichi Ohno and his followers, who originated Lean over a half a century ago.  Since then Lean methods have frequently been commoditized and sold as tactical management tools.  The practice of using individual Lean tools to solve isolated business problems creates what we refer to as ‘exciting chaos’, as it bypasses the need for establishing a Lean culture with sustainable benefits.

Our purpose at Lean Advisors is to ensure that the Lean transformation process is done properly.  We know that the biggest challenges in an organization’s Lean journey are not in the application of techniques, but in overcoming the cultural and organizational roadblocks that appear after the initial projects.  We are not purveyors of Lean methods, but partners in Lean transformation with our clients.

This site is about Lean, and how our clients have adopted its culture, tools, and practices to transform their organizations and deliver better value to their customers.  We hope you will read their stories, and that they will inspire you to start or renew your own Lean journey. Contact Us!

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