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Fred Koeman, Senior Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Project Management Certificate

Fred has over 25 years’ experience working in the private and public sectors of healthcare, aerospace and automotive. He has facilitated over 50 Kaizen and value stream healthcare improvement events in both clinical and non-clinical areas in healthcare and has developed and delivered Lean training and coaching to over 500 professionals.  Fred is a consultant, trainer and coach with a goal to build organizational knowledge capacity; challenging existing paradigms and shifting organizational culture through action. He has been an effective project lead on several major cross-functional projects requiring detailed planning; team selection; project charter development; ongoing management of defined tasks and regular status reporting to senior management. Fred possesses strong planning, prioritizing and time management skills to successfully manage multiple projects and tasks while fostering collaboration, consensus and creativity among project teams.

Education and Certifications:

  • BSc, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Project Management Professional

  • Certified Quality Engineer

  • Lean Logistics for Healthcare

  • Operations Management

Some Organizations and Clients:

  • General Motors of Canada

  • Honeywell Aerospace

  • North York General Hospital

  • Rouge Valley Health System

  • Sinai Health System

  • Oak Valley Health (Markham Stouffville Hospital)

  • Hospital for Sick Kids

  • Ontario Development Services Network (ODSN)

  • Juravinski Cancer Centre

Examples of benefits achieved through Fred’s support include:

Fred has successfully led multiple improvement initiatives. The following are examples:

  • Facilitated over 50 kaizen and value stream events in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

  • Trained more than 1000 staff and clients on the principals and tools of LEAN and Six Sigma.

  • Facilitated improvement events using LEAN and experienced based co-design concepts, to design and standardize a proactive discharge planning model to meet estimated date of discharge (EDD) and reduce of conservable days.

  • Sinai Health System Project Coordinator for the TCLHIN readmission project with the goal of reducing re-admissions for CHF, COPD, CAP, and GI diagnosis. Successful implemented Patient Orientated Discharge Summaries and a Teach Back/Discharge Planning tool for all diagnosis across the hospital.

  • Successfully led Sinai Health System’s (SHS) bed consolidation and clerical redesign initiatives resulting in over $3.8M in budget savings.

  • Project lead for the Women’s and Infants’ Health $2M bed expansion initiative to better manage obstetrical volumes and provide additional resources and supports for patients and families.

  • Significantly reduced lab wait times for obstetrical patients. The average wait time was reduced from 51 min to 20 min and patient experience score improved from 72% to 85%.

  • Supported the ED Acute Care area in improving the management of patient charts using visual management techniques. Presented the findings and results on a Quality Healthcare Network webinar to members from across the GTA.

  • Supported the creation of new hospital bed surge protocols which included a patient flow algorithm, status matrix, communication matrix and escalation and updated patient flow policy.

  • Designed a Leader Standard Work framework which provided a visual map and guideline for how we leaders and staff work in a culture of improvement. A Nurse Unit Administrator daily status report was designed and tested using the PDSA model for improvement.

  • Led the expansion of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in significantly improved access and adoption of virtual care for clinicians, patients, and families. Clinician telemedicine usage increased 10-fold from 500 to 5,000 visits per month in 2020.

  • Managed day-to-day operations of health records and transcription services staff while achieving significant operational improvements in coding, transcription services, turn-around-times (TAT), staffing efficiencies, purchased services and overtime costs.

  • Key member of the Revenue Enhancement Task Force which generated over $500K of additional revenue.

  • Worked directly with the Oak Valley Health Leadership team to establish a sustainable Lean Management System, including governance structures, performance indicators and capacity building. The support consisted of

    • Reviewing current Lean practices and identifying areas for improvement

    • Providing a written assessment of the organization’s current capabilities in Lean and how the organization can adopt Lean practices to further drive improvements and achieve improved outcomes.

    • Assisting in the creation of a Lean training and coaching plan for the organization

    • Providing coaching for existing internal Lean facilitators and project teams in their work on high priority improvement projects


Fred was a member of the Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) Releasing Time to Care (RTC) leadership group that visited the National Health Service (NHS) Innovation Centre in Covington, UK to receive Master training in RTC and change management. He had the opportunity to visit and tour several NHS hospitals and subsequently provided training and support for MSH’s RTC implementation.

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