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Larry Coté, Managing Director

Larry Coté is well known for his penetrating analysis and creative energy. He was previously employed by the Lean Enterprise Institute in Boston as C.O.O./E.V.P. and is the Founder and President of the Lean Enterprise Institute Canada.  He started Lean Advisors, Inc. in 1999 and the company has developed into one of the premier Lean consulting groups in North America and around the world.  He also headed up a successful relationship with the Kaizen Institute.

Over the years, Larry has worked with 100’s of companies at various stages of their Lean journey in many different business sectors. He is particularly skilled at working with senior executives in the boardroom to plan, problem solve and create Lean corporate strategies. Most recently, Larry served on the Kingston General Hospital Board Committee for Quality Patient Care.

As General Manager of a JIT Automotive Facility with Magna in New York and as Corporate Manager of Canada Post, he was responsible for leading a Corporate redesign of their strategy and the direction of both organizations.  He combined JIT and Quality Management for transforming the Automotive facility and Lean and Quality to establish the corporate direction at Canada Post.

His research and development work along with his past ‘hands-on’ experience has led to new ways to teach and communicate Lean across North America and Asia. These methods used by Lean Advisors Inc. have proven to be very successful in promoting ‘sustainability’ within the organizations where they have been applied.

Larry’s expertise in implementing Toyota Production System concepts, diagnostics and assessment of Lean readiness has spanned a couple decades. He works with the corporate leaders of Healthcare, Service Organizations, Government, Crown Corporations, Manufacturing, Hi tech, etc. to develop effective plans for transforming their entire organizations both culturally and technically.

His background prior to starting Lean Advisors, Inc. included Manufacturing, High Tech, Logistics/Distribution, and Consumer/Retail where he held management positions in General Management, Operations, Engineering, Quality, Maintenance, Human Resources, Merchandising, and Marketing/Sales.  His Lean involvement in the past 20 years has spanned all of the above environments as well as food processing, mining, aerospace, education administration, healthcare and government agencies. Most recently Larry has dedicated a great deal of his time to working with small businesses, which has proven to be both interesting and extremely rewarding.

He is a dynamic presenter who challenges and drives organizations to performance excellence.


  • Graduate, Queen’s University
  • Advanced Studies at Harvard, Stanford, Queen’s and MIT

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