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Our History

For over a decade, Lean Advisors has successfully delivered the original spirit of Lean to organizations across North America. Helping them build high-performance teams that continually innovate to transform their organizations using lean principles and methodology.

Lean Advisors was founded in 1999 under the leadership of Larry Coté, our President.  The company quickly built a reputation for helping organizations achieve tangible results through a hands-on, no-nonsense approach.  Staffed with veteran consultants, Lean Advisors has made significant inroads in healthcare, education and government services. We have successfully adapted the traditional Lean concepts tools such as Value Stream Mapping to transform the end to end processes within these environments.

For Lean Advisors, Lean is much more than a set of quality tools.  When Taiichi Ohno successfully developed Lean at Toyota over a half a century ago, he believed that quality, cost, productivity, and delivery were all interdependent.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more or contact us about how we are helping organizations reach their potentia to create better quality, higher productivity, shorter lead times, and optimum cost performance.

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