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Small Business and Lean

Small business has been one area that has be neglected with Lean, for the very reason that practitioners thought they were too small.  This was absolutely wrong.  Small business is in great need of the Lean thinking and perhaps even more so than larger organizations.  If Lean can be instilled in the thinking of owners and founders of companies while they are small, then the thinking and methodology will be sustained throughout their growth and expansion for decades to come.

Facts On Small Business

  • There are 30 million small business owners in America and they employ 59 million people—meaning 90 million Americans depend on small business.
  • Over 8 million small businesses are minority owned.
  • About 10 million small businesses are owned by women.
  • About 1/5 of small businesses are family owned and operated.
  • Small business owners are responsible for 2/3rds of new jobs.
  • According to that same poll most small business owners would reinvest any savings back into their businesses in the form of wage hikes, new hiring, and expansion, showing that tax cuts would help boost the economy.


Given the right support, and knowledge, there is no limit to the potential of this group of passionate people.



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