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Steve Withers joins the Lean Advisors Team

Steve Withers has 30 years of process improvement experience using lean thinking, six sigma, process management, and change management skills. Steve was the Director of the Lean Sigma Centre at Canada Post, where lean thinking has contributed in excess of $200 M in savings. Continue reading

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Lean Finds a Home in Pharmaceuticals

The market environment for companies in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly challenging. It is becoming particularly important to adapt lean management principles to the special concerns of pharmaceuticals. As companies consider applying Lean in their industry, they face the challenge of determining how it will work in their environment… Continue reading

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Handling Change and Managing Priorities when Implementing Lean

When implementing Lean, how can your organization handle change when they are already working at capacity and everything is a priority? Continue reading

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BI enhances turnaround time in pathology reporting in Kitchener

Waiting for pathology test results doesn’t only create anxiety for patients. It can also cause strain in the hospital laboratory, particularly when it seems clinical staff can never get ahead of the reporting backlog and really don’t understand why it’s there in the first place. Continue reading

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Pathology Department at Grand River Hospital and St Marys General Hospital Increases Throughput, Cuts Costs using Lean

In healthcare today, having to do more with less goes with the territory. Volumes are increasing five to ten percent every year, regulatory and administrative burdens are becoming more restrictive, and wait times are rising. Continue reading

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Achieving Support Lean Executive Day Summary

How do we achieve support at all levels (Leadership, Middle
Management and Staff) – Initially and Ongoing? And how do you
deal with skeptics, naysayers and silent passive resistors? Continue reading

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