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Toyota-style management helps hospital cut ER wait times

Nowhere is the need for improved efficiency more critical than in emergency rooms, where speedy care is a key component of good care.
The approach, known as lean, has long helped the auto and aerospace industries reduce waste and boost value for customers through continuous small improvements. With a cash strapped government trying to rein in health spending, Ontario hospitals are catching up, spurred by provincial directives to do more with less. Continue reading

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Lean Advisors to Speak at Conference Board Sustainable Heath Summit

Sustainability. The Holy Grail for Canadas health care?

This is a time of real transformation. If we dont change how we deliver universal health care it wont be there for our grandchildren as they grow up. Deb Matthews
These changes will affect every Canadian and every employer, as organizations increasingly foot the bill for health through employee benefit plans and wellness initiatives. Continue reading

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