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Management Capacity Webinar : Questions and Answers

There were a number of great questions asked by attendees during our Webinar on Management Capacity. Mike Boucher, VP of Client Services at Lean Advisors shared his insights and knowledge. We have provided responses to questions posed at the webinar. Continue reading

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Lean Advisors supports One Filter One Family: Running 200km for 200 Families

One Filter One Family has a simple goal. Provide clean drinking water to people in rural areas of Cambodia.
In early February, our Friends Jeff and Nathalie will start their most remote adventure to date, running 200 kms from Ban Lung to Senmonorom. Join us in supporting them! Continue reading

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Lean: Does it Work?? Part 2

The Focus in Part 2 will be to begin to uncover some of the right ways to implement Lean and what some of the key indicators are that you should be aware of.

First, lets alleviate the misconception, apprehension or anxiety that Lean doesnt work. It does work!

The caveat is that you must discover the right or proper adaptation of the thinking and concept to your unique situation… Continue reading

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Join us for a Free Webinar! Management Capacity: Creating Standard Leadership Roles for the Lean Supervisor

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders have challenging jobs!
They are fighting fires while responding to pressures from both the organization above and staff below. Meanwhile, they are being told to cut costs, improve quality and improve service. We will show you how to free up management time by understanding executive priorities and analyzing management activities, creating Standard Leadership Roles. Continue reading

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Lean Innovation in the Public Sector- Melanie Beaumont to Co-lecture

Lean organizations are highly successful at developing shared problem solving and a mutually accountable, collaborative work environment across both functional and departmental boundaries. This defines Lean Culture and it works to change the behaviours and attitudes that create wasteful silo behaviours and interdepartmental friction. Continue reading

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