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Effective Mistake Proofing Webinar: Handouts

Handouts and Resource Documents from the Effective Mistake Proofing in Healthcare Webinar by Brian Nass. Talking Lean Mistake Proofing Webinar- Red Flag Conditions Talking Lean Mistake Proofing Webinar- Reading List    

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Effective Mistake Proofing Webinar- Watch Here

In this Webinar you will learn techniques for eliminating defects, improving quality and streamlining work.
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Double-Checking the Efficacy of Double-Checks

A very commonly-implemented intervention when attempting to mistake-proof a process involving humans is the double-check. Double-checks are, by their nature, waste. Often, double-checks are put in place as temporary stop-gap measures while more effective, value-adding countermeasures are devised and implemented. Continue reading

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