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Complimentary Webinar: Effective Mistake Proofing in Healthcare

Mistake-Proofing (or Poka Yoke) prevents mistakes from being made or makes the mistake obvious at a glance, so that corrective action can be taken before a patient is harmed. It’s a common sense approach to create low-cost, effective design changes that reduce errors. Learn techniques for eliminating defects, improving quality and streamlining work. Register Here! Continue reading

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Lean Advisors to present at Taming of the Queue Conference

Lean Advisors is pleased to announce that Larry Cote, President of Lean Advisors Inc will be speaking at the Taming of the Queue Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on March 21st. The topic of his session will be Taking a systems approach to wait times. Continue reading

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Join us for a Free Webinar! Management Capacity: Creating Standard Leadership Roles for the Lean Supervisor

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders have challenging jobs!
They are fighting fires while responding to pressures from both the organization above and staff below. Meanwhile, they are being told to cut costs, improve quality and improve service. We will show you how to free up management time by understanding executive priorities and analyzing management activities, creating Standard Leadership Roles. Continue reading

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Lean Reflections- Leadership Buy In

Not all senior leaders have the vision, understanding or have bought in to making Lean a priority.
This is one of the critical steps and foundation blocks that must be in place to ensure the success of any Lean Transformation and Organizational Culture Change. During our Lean Executive Morning we brainstormed the root causes and many possible solutions worth exploring. Read more. Continue reading

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Brockville General Hospital chooses Lean Advisors for Transformation

Lean Advisors, working with IRAP NRC, has been chosen by Brockville General Hospital and Regional facilities to lead their Lean Process Assessment and Transformation.
The end-to-end process in several areas will be assessed and redesigned in order to improve the flow of information, communication and the patient throughout the system. Continue reading

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Toyota-style management helps hospital cut ER wait times

Nowhere is the need for improved efficiency more critical than in emergency rooms, where speedy care is a key component of good care.
The approach, known as lean, has long helped the auto and aerospace industries reduce waste and boost value for customers through continuous small improvements. With a cash strapped government trying to rein in health spending, Ontario hospitals are catching up, spurred by provincial directives to do more with less. Continue reading

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Lean Advisors to Speak at Conference Board Sustainable Heath Summit

Sustainability. The Holy Grail for Canadas health care?

This is a time of real transformation. If we dont change how we deliver universal health care it wont be there for our grandchildren as they grow up. Deb Matthews
These changes will affect every Canadian and every employer, as organizations increasingly foot the bill for health through employee benefit plans and wellness initiatives. Continue reading

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Simple hospital innovation saves time, money

Premiers looking for money- and time-saving innovations for their health-care systems are turning to Saskatchewan Health’s model of finding efficiencies in unlikely places. Lean Advisors continues to be a strategic partner with Saskatchewan Health for their lean journey and transformation. Watch Video Continue reading

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Healthcare Leaders Look Outside for Answers

Applied to hospitals, the term factory sounds like a metaphor for a mechanistic, uncaring environment. Nevertheless, a growing number of healthcare leaders are employing management ideas from manufacturing and other industries to make their facilities more cost-effective and at the same time, more responsive to the needs of patients, their families, and staff. In fact these methods, Lean in particular, help organizations do more with less makes them particularly applicable to today’s healthcare challenges. Continue reading

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Handling Change and Managing Priorities when Implementing Lean

When implementing Lean, how can your organization handle change when they are already working at capacity and everything is a priority? Continue reading

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