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Double-Checking the Efficacy of Double-Checks

A very commonly-implemented intervention when attempting to mistake-proof a process involving humans is the double-check. Double-checks are, by their nature, waste. Often, double-checks are put in place as temporary stop-gap measures while more effective, value-adding countermeasures are devised and implemented. Continue reading

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Brockville General Hospital chooses Lean Advisors for Transformation

Lean Advisors, working with IRAP NRC, has been chosen by Brockville General Hospital and Regional facilities to lead their Lean Process Assessment and Transformation.
The end-to-end process in several areas will be assessed and redesigned in order to improve the flow of information, communication and the patient throughout the system. Continue reading

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Lean Assessment can improve Business Valuation

Increase the Value of your Business and Decrease your Risks with a Lean Assessment.The Lean Approach works to Increase Maintainable Profits.
Did you know? Most companies have more waste activities than value. Removing the waste properly can add over 50% improvement in cost, quality and speed, resulting in a business becoming more valuable in a short period of time. Continue reading

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