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Healthcare Leaders Look Outside for Answers

Applied to hospitals, the term factory sounds like a metaphor for a mechanistic, uncaring environment. Nevertheless, a growing number of healthcare leaders are employing management ideas from manufacturing and other industries to make their facilities more cost-effective and at the same time, more responsive to the needs of patients, their families, and staff. In fact these methods, Lean in particular, help organizations do more with less makes them particularly applicable to today’s healthcare challenges. Continue reading

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Hydro Ottawa Uses Lean to Improve Project Delivery

In late 2010, Hydro Ottawa enlisted Lean Advisors to help reduce project lead times and improve efficiency. One of the challenges of operating an electrical utility is that the grid has to be constantly updated to meet customer demand. This calls for a coordinated effort from many individuals; every time a new building is added, design documents have to be created and approved, parts have to be ordered, and crews have to be allocated. Continue reading

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