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Free Webinar- August 22nd : Understanding Root Cause Analysis

Join us for our Free Webinar, Understanding Root Cause Analysis. Senior Consultant, Tony Mittiga, will provide an understanding of the basics of the root cause analysis process, focusing on 5 Whys and Fishbone. The webinar will be held August 22, 2013 at 1pm EST. Continue reading

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Lean Reflections- Leadership Buy In

Not all senior leaders have the vision, understanding or have bought in to making Lean a priority.
This is one of the critical steps and foundation blocks that must be in place to ensure the success of any Lean Transformation and Organizational Culture Change. During our Lean Executive Morning we brainstormed the root causes and many possible solutions worth exploring. Read more. Continue reading

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Lean Advisors to Present at PMI Seminar Series Sept. 15th- Join Us

Why Lean? The Approach is Critical
Lean is a strategy and way of thinking that creates more value for clients by eliminating activities that are considered waste. Any activity or process that consumes resources, adds cost or time without creating value becomes a target for elimination. Lean focuses on the client and what the client feels is ‘value’. With our innovative methodology, we eliminate the risk of obtaining only minimal results and ensure your success both culturally and technically. Continue reading

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Why Lean needs to align Strategic Deployment to Middle Management

Transforming an organization using the concepts and thinking of Lean is a challenge and requires tremendous passion, commitment, proper knowledge and the ability to execute the vision and plan. Leadership usually understand all that but what they miss is how and who element that is going to lead the change and do the actual transforming. Continue reading

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North Carolina Textile Mill Goes Lean

Like many others in U.S. manufacturing, the domestic textile industry has certainly faced their fair share of challenges. Amid manufacturing job losses and budget cuts, one bright experience sheds some light on improving competitiveness. Here, this textile success story is attributed to lean manufacturing. Continue reading

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