History repeats itself – 2022 is 2004 all over again!

The attached news clip, ‘Money will fix everything – Healthcare!’, was filmed in 2004…

We can only hope that when we are asked once again to pay more money for an ailing healthcare system, that the added funding will be used to transform and improve current practices. We would further like to assume that any decision-makers involved have learned from the past and are motivated to assess systems at all levels of healthcare, in order to truly identify potential opportunities for improvement, both administratively and operationally.

When proper analysis on the existing processes are done, together with an improved vision of the future, we can avoid spending more money on the current inefficient, stressed, and broken system. Fix the processes, or at least, understand what the improved practices should be. Then the dollars will be well spent.

If we implement the right changes, using proper methodologies, we can save healthcare. We will discover that we really can do more with the resources we have – and do it better and faster. True success! Healthcare workers at all levels will be reenergized, focused and proud, when they are better able to apply more of what they were professionally trained to do – caring for patients.

2022 is a second chance to build an exceptional world-class healthcare sector. Don’t repeat 2004, and expect a different result. Learn from the last couple decades and focus efforts on transforming Healthcare the right way.