Innovations in Healthcare Process Improvement Conference May 5-6 Toronto


We are excited to announce that Mike Boucher (VP, Lean Advisors) and Alain Rabeau (Senior Consultant, Intersol Ltd.) will be presenting at the Innovations in Healthcare Process Improvement: Enhancing the Patient Experience, Achieving Better Results Conference May 5-6, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

This session will share current Process Improvement and Change Management best practices for creating a Lean Culture in the Healthcare environment.

Critical Topics will Include:

• Laying the Foundations with Reliable Data
• What Success Can Look Like: Stories from the ‘Front Lines’
• Significant Improvement in Turnaround Times in the Lab
• Tackling ALC Patient Discharge
• The Transformative Power of Lean from Boardroom to Bedside
• Critical Thinking about Process Improvement and Lean: A Tool, a Philosophy or a Journey? (Panel Discussion)
• Adapting Process Improvement and Lean Methodologies to Smaller Hospital Settings
• With the New Era of Accountability, Change is not Coming – It has Already Arrived!
• Leading for Results: The Challenges in Embedding Lean at the Highest Levels to Drive Improvement and Sustainability
• Achieving an Integrated System of Care: Patient/Caregiver Engagement as a Catalyst for Process Improvement and Regional Transformation
• Upstream and Downstream: Delivering 21st Century Healthcare across the Continuum of Care
• Leaning toward New Directions in the U.K.
• Citizens First: Saskatchewan’s Bold Experiment Applying Lean in the Public Sector(remote presentation)
• Networking Luncheon for Delegates and Speakers
• The Excellent Care for All Act in Review: Challenges, Progress and Future Goals
• Advances in Process Improvement: Challenges and Accomplishments in the U.S.
• Networking Refreshment Break
• Connecting the Dots between Process Improvement, Lower Risk Assessments and the Bottom Line
• The Future State: What Does Cost-Effective and Sustainable Patient-Centred Care Look Like and How Can it Best be Achieved?

Mike Boucher has been asked to co-chair the event. He has over 20 years of experience working with professionals teams all over North America to assist them in transforming their processes using Lean to make them more efficient. He has worked in all types of environments and sectors such as government, healthcare, manufacturing, educational institutes and energy. He was a Lean Healthcare Pioneer and introduced Lean thinking and adapted the methodology to Healthcare – he worked with dozens of healthcare organizations some of which are Mayo, Saskatchewan Health Ministry and Regions, Toronto Sick Kids, etc. He understands the effective way to create maximum sustainable change which results in increased pride within the staff while improving quality, service and cost.

His colleague, Alain Rabeau, is presenting a session which is critical to any successful improvement initiative – ‘Navigating Change Management to Build Successful Relationships for Process Improvement’. Alain has over 25 years experience in strategic and operational planning, organizational development, and change management both at the department level and individual level. He has integrated this experience and knowledge with the Lean process improvement methodology and understands the challenges facing teams when trying to create improvements and change within their environments. He will demonstrate why understanding the cultural aspects is as important, and sometimes more important, than the actual technical change itself. His insight is key to success for both your staff and your clients.

More details and registration information coming soon!