Lean Advisors Launches Online Learning Offering for Healthcare Organizations

In order to help Healthcare organizations bring their employees up to speed on Lean methods, Lean Advisors, Inc. is expanding our series of Web-Based Workshops covering Lean methods in Healthcare. Based these on real case studies, these give learners get a direct feel for the real issues, not just theory. An interactive Q & A format keeps learners on their toes as they actively discover how Lean relates to their own work environment. The workshops are ideal for organizations as well as individuals who want to get a better understanding of Lean methods.

Introduction to Lean Healthcare, 5S in Healthcare, Kaizen in Healthcare and Mistake-Proofing in Healthcare are now available, and will soon be followed by Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare and Kanban/Pull and Flow/Cells in Healthcare.  Check it out at http://www.leanadvisorsonline.com