Lean Advisors to present at Taming of the Queue Conference

Lean Advisors is pleased to announce that Larry Cote, President of Lean Advisors Inc will be presenting at the Taming of the Queue Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on March 21st.  The topic of his session will be: Taking a systems approach to wait times.

By identifying how health care organizations and other industries have both succeeded and failed at improving timely access across their organizations and examine how to improve timely access across your organization or the system in which it operates.

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About Taming of the Queue

Since 2004, the annual Taming of the Queue (TQ) conference has brought together a community of interest from across Canada to discuss access and wait time issues. Representing a wide range of perspectives, conference participants assess progress being made on wait-time measurement and management. Sponsored by several national health stakeholders, these events have enhanced knowledge about the issue, while exchanging best practices and helping to shape the public policy agenda.