Lean Innovation in the Public Sector- Melanie Beaumont to Co-lecture

Melanie Beaumont, Senior Advisor, Lean Advisors Inc, will be presenting at the Lean Innovation in the Public Sector Conference January 23-24, 2014.

Creating a Lean Culture in the Public Sector: Sustainable Change Management for Lean Innovators

Public Sector leaders, at every level, have been working hard on continuous improvement and quality initiatives for many years. These efforts have often been initially successful but they have also frequently led to disappointment in sustaining that initial success. What happens? Why the lack of enthusiasm after a point? Why the back peddling?

Lean implementers and innovators experience this frustration. Why the conflicting priorities? Why the lack of accountability? Why is there still resistance? We did the training; we did the Value Stream Mapping; we did the Kaizens; and we reported positive results. Everyone seemed to be encouraged by the improved processes and quality of work. So why are we stalled? Why do we have trouble continuing the change process and spreading Lean methodology throughout the organization?

The issues always seem to revolve around people. Today no successful Public Sector enterprise can afford to slow down because internal stakeholders fail to agree and work together in a common direction.

Effective Lean organizations are highly successful at developing shared problem solving and a mutually accountable, collaborative work environment across both functional and departmental boundaries. This defines Lean Culture and it works to change the behaviours and attitudes that create wasteful ‘silo’ behaviours and interdepartmental friction.

This session will share current change management best practices for creating a Lean Culture in the Public Sector environment. We will discuss these critical topics:

  • What are the benefits of a Lean Culture?
  • What changes are needed to organizational behaviours to get there from here?
  • What are the best current practices to make this happen in the Public Sector?
  • Our culture is different from the private sector where so much Lean work has been done – what can we adapt from them and what should we avoid?
  • 10-Step Process for Sustainable Lean Change Management
  • 5-Pitfalls to avoid in managing this change
  • 12-Essential tools and techniques to acquire and learn
  • 6-Key ways to measure your success and ensure long term commitment to Lean Change