Online Yellow and Green Belt Certification- Now Available

Lean Advisors Online now offers Online Yellow and Green Belt Certification- for Lean Healthcare.

Knowledge, understanding and communication are critical to any Lean Healthcare transformation process.

Our Online Certification courses, developed in partnership with Healthcare Organizations, the Ministry and our e-learning partner Automated Learning, are  flexible, cost effective and tailored specifically for the Healthcare sector.
- Relevant to Healthcare Organizations
- Affordable: Support Budget Constraints
- Time Saving: Learn Anytime, Anywhere
- Consistent Interactive Content
- Flexible and Easy to access and use
- Individuals set their own pace

The challenge healthcare organizations have is acquiring an effective training and communication strategy to cascade a consistent message across the organization to support the culture change. We can help! Contact Us

Individuals earn a valuable credential and gain the knowledge required to enrich their contribution within their organizations, to assume greater responsibility and assist with leading Lean business process improvement initiatives and promote effective cultural change.
Interested in an Online Lean Yellow Belt certification? Click here
Interested in an Online LeanGreen Belt certification? Click here

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