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Lean Advisors to Present at PMI Seminar Series Sept. 15th- Join Us

Why Lean? The Approach is Critical
Lean is a strategy and way of thinking that creates more value for clients by eliminating activities that are considered waste. Any activity or process that consumes resources, adds cost or time without creating value becomes a target for elimination. Lean focuses on the client and what the client feels is ‘value’. With our innovative methodology, we eliminate the risk of obtaining only minimal results and ensure your success both culturally and technically. Continue reading

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Strategies for Sustaining Lean Transformation

Top Strategies from Lean Leaders to create Dynamic Development Programs. What is the most effective method for successfully ensuring all staff have the knowledge and comfort level to understand, support and get involved in Lean transformation on an ongoing basis? Continue reading

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Simple hospital innovation saves time, money

Premiers looking for money- and time-saving innovations for their health-care systems are turning to Saskatchewan Health’s model of finding efficiencies in unlikely places. Lean Advisors continues to be a strategic partner with Saskatchewan Health for their lean journey and transformation. Watch Video Continue reading

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Hydro Ottawa Uses Lean to Improve Project Delivery

In late 2010, Hydro Ottawa enlisted Lean Advisors to help reduce project lead times and improve efficiency. One of the challenges of operating an electrical utility is that the grid has to be constantly updated to meet customer demand. This calls for a coordinated effort from many individuals; every time a new building is added, design documents have to be created and approved, parts have to be ordered, and crews have to be allocated. Continue reading

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Why Lean needs to align Strategic Deployment to Middle Management

Transforming an organization using the concepts and thinking of Lean is a challenge and requires tremendous passion, commitment, proper knowledge and the ability to execute the vision and plan. Leadership usually understand all that but what they miss is how and who element that is going to lead the change and do the actual transforming. Continue reading

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Resolving Conflicting Pressures between Budget and Lean

Q. How do we resolve the conflicting pressures of budgets and Lean? Plus, how do we ensure that the pressures of cost savings dont drive the wrong behaviors?

Here are some of the consolidated thoughts and ideas that were shared by the participants of the Lean Executive Day workshop on Resolving Conflicting Pressures. Continue reading

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HR’s Role in Delivering Lean Six Sigma Success

As economic conditions cause organizations in many sectors to find ways to do more with less, a growing number are turning to an approach that is commonly called Lean Six Sigma. This strategy began in the industrial sector, and has since spread to many other areas, including healthcare, education, government services, hospitality, and financial services. Continue reading

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Steve Withers joins the Lean Advisors Team

Steve Withers has 30 years of process improvement experience using lean thinking, six sigma, process management, and change management skills. Steve was the Director of the Lean Sigma Centre at Canada Post, where lean thinking has contributed in excess of $200 M in savings. Continue reading

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Lean Finds a Home in Pharmaceuticals

The market environment for companies in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly challenging. It is becoming particularly important to adapt lean management principles to the special concerns of pharmaceuticals. As companies consider applying Lean in their industry, they face the challenge of determining how it will work in their environment… Continue reading

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Handling Change and Managing Priorities when Implementing Lean

When implementing Lean, how can your organization handle change when they are already working at capacity and everything is a priority? Continue reading

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