Value Stream Mapping Keys to Success- Watch Webinar

Through a unique Value Stream Mapping Process, Lean Advisors help clients identify the Root Causes of delays, errors and bottlenecks – helping them to dramatically Reduce the Cost of their administrative processes, while Boosting Employee Engagement and Improving Customer Experience.  Watch Webinar

During this webinar, Mike Boucher will lead us through the keys to successful value-stream improvements in administrative/service environments such as:

  1. The Structure of a VSM (CS/FS).
  2. The Key Tasks / Roles for Senior Leaders in successful VSM Projects.
  3. Why VSM is especially critical in an administrative/service value stream improvement process.
  4. How the VSM helps to introduce and implement change.
  5. How to ensure that VSM Projects generate results that are strategically important to the organization.

In today’s information economy, much of the value that companies produce is created in office environments, and many sectors view administrative processes as integral to the customer experience.

Watch Webinar

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