Creating a Culture for Lean Innovation – Benchmarking and Quantifying Cultural Change


Melanie Beaumont, Senior Advisor, Lean Advisors Inc, will be presenting at the International Performance Management Symposium on Thursday November 6, 2014 in Montreal, Canada.

Creating a culture for Lean Innovation – benchmarking and quantifying cultural change

A successful Lean Culture for Innovation requires developing a mutually accountable, interdependent, and collaborative work environment across functional and departmental boundaries. Much of this work focuses on eliminating wasteful ‘silo’ behaviours, conflicting priorities, and interdepartmental friction. It is necessary to properly benchmark the organization’s cultural current state and set measurable goals for where it should be. This is often problematic when dealing with individual and group behaviours which are frequently seen as ‘soft skills’ that can’t be adequately quantified for tracking and reporting to ensure success.

This session outlines useful tools and techniques for benchmarking the organization’s cultural current state as well as setting tangible goals and measuring progress towards creating an innovative environment for sustainable continuous improvement.

With a discussion-based, interactive approach, the speaker will also outline key steps to mistake-proof your progress including:

  • Commonly made assumptions that can lead to poor quality measures
  • Critical thinking necessary in properly using the ubiquitous ‘engagement score’ benchmarks
  • Dealing with the complexities of measuring ‘intangibles’ without oversimplifying to a point of no return

Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns about this challenging yet rewarding process.

About Melanie:                                                                                                             Melanie Beaumont is a consultant, trainer and management coach for leadership, change management and continuous improvement programs. She works at both the senior management and team level in public and private sector organizations. Previously she has been a successful executive in telecommunications and education.

 Melanie has developed and delivered numerous training and coaching programs including: ‘Leading Change Management’, ‘Coaching for Innovation’, ’Success Strategies for Continuous Improvement Leaders and Their Teams’, and ‘Building Sustainable Accountability’. She also teaches ‘Change Management’, ‘Problem Solving in Groups’, and ‘Conflict Resolution” at Mohawk College. She is a current guest speaker and conference co-chair for the Federated Press conferences on Lean Innovation in the Public Sector.

 Melanie’s client list covers Canada and USA and includes key government agencies, regional health care organizations plus manufacturers in the plastics, technology, food processing, and building materials fabrication sectors.

 A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Melanie has completed numerous post-degree studies including Leadership, Facilitation, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, and Behavioural Analysis Systems. She has a Lean Business Processes Certificate, University of Michigan.

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