Lean Beginnings Introduces Algonquin College Lean Management Certificate


On September 3rd, Algonquin College Corporate Training and Intersol | Lean Advisors held a Knowledge Builder session to introduce the concept of Lean Process Improvement and the newAlgonquin College Lean Management Certificate Program just launched.


My colleague, Alain Rabeau, and I (Mike Boucher) had the pleasure of delivering a 1/2-day “Lean Beginnings Knowledge Builder” hosted at Algonquin College Corporate Training Centre in Ottawa. This public offering was developed as a time-efficient way for interested parties to learn about the merits of Lean and highlight the new Algonquin College Lean Management Certificate program.

There was clearly a strong interest in learning more about Lean based on the over 50 attendeesduring the rather hectic first week of September.  Attendees represented a number of sectorsincluding manufacturing, health care, service and government.

Lean Beginnings Knowledge Builder was an engaging and interactive session that combined a presentation and discussion about Lean with a lively simulation exercise to reinforce the philosophy of Lean.

Attendees were:

  • Introduced to the concepts of Lean,
  • Provided with insights surrounding how to successfully launch and implement Lean within their environments, including sustainable change methodology,
  • Engaged in a lively and interactive Lean simulation to demonstrate the power of Lean through the elimination of ‘waste’.
  • Finally, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the Algonquin College Lean Management certificate program. This exciting new program delivers hands-on training in the thinking, tools and critical methodology needed to successfully implement Lean initiatives across public and private sectors; invaluable to any individual or organization wanting to advance in the area of process improvement.

Learn more about the program at http://www.algonquincollege.com/corporate/courses/lean-management/

Or, feel free to contact me any time to help you in your Lean journey!