Lean Beginnings – Knowledge Builder Sep 3 at 1:00pm

Most organizations are actively investigating ways to improve their performance.  They find new business tools and apply them hoping for results that will allow them to serve their clients better.  The selection of what tools they use to improve is often related to what other businesses are doing.

The missing ingredient is not a new toolkit, but rather a new way of thinking about providing value to the client.  This new thought process is called, “Lean Thinking”.  Lean Thinking gives your team the direction needed to eliminate waste, while improving quality and efficiency. The power of lean comes from people, knowledge, and simplicity.  Lean is not limited to any specific sector – private versus public or manufacturing versus non manufacturing.

In this learning session, you will:

  • Be introduced to the concepts of Lean;
  • Be provided with insight to determine how Lean can be launched within your own environment;
  • Experience a fun and interactive Lean simulation that will demonstrate the power of Lean through the elimination of ‘waste’ in any workplace; and
  • Learn about the Lean Management certificate program.

Specifically, you will participate in a simple end-to-end process and experience the power of Lean. The simulation will reinforce the theory and concepts of Lean and demonstrate results delivering improved response times, reducing total effort while providing a higher level of quality.


01:00 Networking and Introduction
01:15  Lean Beginnings and Lean Simulation
02:35 New Lean Management Program
02:45 Questions and Answers
03:00 Session Wrap


Mike Boucher and Alain RabeauIntersol | Lean Advisors

Mike Boucher has over 25 years of experience with Lean in his role leading companies in their Continuous Improvement and Lean journeys. Throughout Canada and the US, he initiated and perfected the application of this knowledge and experience to include government, Crown corporations, healthcare (hospitals, laboratories, and administration), service and educational environments, in addition to traditional manufacturing settings. His unique approach to Lean implementation allows organizations to sustain their lean initiative by creating a Lean culture and developing in-house Lean experts.

Alain Rabeau has been active in developing a methodology that reinforces and supports the work of Lean Advisors business process re-engineering projects. Alain’s knowledge and skills in stakeholder and employee engagement has supported numerous clients in their client and citizen engagement activities. Over the last 20 plus years, clients have leveraged Alain’s experience in organizational development, team building and workplace learning to identify and address organizational, teams and individual performance issues. Alain has a rich background in workplace learning having served as a strategic training advisor as well as having designed and delivered hundreds of training and management development workshops for public, private and not-for-profit organizations.

Event Info

Event Location

  • Algonquin College Corporate Training Centre
  • Constitution Square: 360 Albert Street, Suite 201 (Mezzanine Level)

Register to Attend by August 27

  • Cost: There is no charge to attend this event
  • Contact: Mark or Tyson at 613-727-7729