Perspective: Lean and Smaller Business

Lean provides business owners with an effective methodology and a critical level of thinking to ensure their clients/customers are receiving the best service, at the highest quality and least cost. When Lean is adapted and applied properly, the business will be able to maximize the value to their customers while increasing the potential to survive and thrive.

Business owners have the passion and necessary technical background required in the type of product or service they have chosen to provide.  The key missing element is how do they set up their processes to support their vision and to become the most competitive in their chosen sector.  To become the best, they need to modify their thinking and determine how to transform their existing state.  They must focus on the ongoing elimination of the non-value in their processes.   The ultimate goal is to have the ability to do more with what they have and continually take their business to the next level of service and value.

It is important to remember –  “We cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them.”  Albert Einstein

We must build on what we know, and have accomplished, in order to grow and succeed.  We must not keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expect a different, or better result.

Lean, along with the business leaders passion, will give the committed leaders of business the knowledge on how to assess their business and how to effectively transform it.

The goal being – Better quality, Better service and Increased Profits!