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Lean Advisors to present at Taming of the Queue Conference

Lean Advisors is pleased to announce that Larry Cote, President of Lean Advisors Inc will be speaking at the Taming of the Queue Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on March 21st. The topic of his session will be Taking a systems approach to wait times. Continue reading

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University Reduces Procurement Processing Time by 50%

The University of Texas Pan American (UTPA) encourages students to Prepare, Discover, Transform. In this regard, the University is wildly successful. It is consistently ranked among the top 100 best US colleges for Hispanic students, and is 2nd in the nation for the number of bachelors degrees awarded. All that success is contagious, UTPA attracts talented academics from around the world to research and teach in its Edinburg, TX campus. But this success comes at a price. The University Infrastructure, which was adequate for a small regional college, now struggled to support the demands of the increased volume of a growing regional University.Without increasing costs or headcount, they were able to bring the lead time for the procurement process down by almost 50%! Read More Continue reading

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Lean: Does it Work? Red Flags to Watch For- Part 3 of 3

Lean Does Work. The caveat is that you must discover the ‘right’ or proper adaptation of the thinking and concept to your unique situation. The Focus in this final section will be that once you have acknowledged the above, you can then begin to search for the proper solution and resources to lead your Lean Transformation and at the same time be aware of some of the ‘red flags’ to keep in mind while deciding on the expertise required.

Continue reading

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Lean Success- Ministry of Health in Saskatchewan: Watch Video

Since the 2008 initial implementation of Lean in Saskatchewans Ministry of Health, the Ministry has experienced the emergence of a culture of continuous improvement. Most of the Ministrys Lean teams, which began in partnership with Lean Advisors Inc., are not only sustaining their initial success but continue to work toward further improvements.
Click to watch the video and learn more about Saskatchewans Health System achievements with Lean.
Continue reading

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February Complimentary Webinar: Applying Lean Principles to Education- Join Us

Universities and Colleges represent an immense opportunity for the application of Lean Concepts. Lean Advisors Inc. Senior Advisor Sav Pota P.Eng, will share his insights on how Lean principles and practices apply to educational processes. He will also provide highlights from his own experiences in higher education, including success examples, lessons learned, and advice on how to best engage university/college staff in order to create a culture of continuous process improvement to achieve the most effective and efficient results. Continue reading

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Management Capacity Webinar : Questions and Answers

There were a number of great questions asked by attendees during our Webinar on Management Capacity. Mike Boucher, VP of Client Services at Lean Advisors shared his insights and knowledge. We have provided responses to questions posed at the webinar. Continue reading

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Lean Reflections- Leadership Buy In

Not all senior leaders have the vision, understanding or have bought in to making Lean a priority.
This is one of the critical steps and foundation blocks that must be in place to ensure the success of any Lean Transformation and Organizational Culture Change. During our Lean Executive Morning we brainstormed the root causes and many possible solutions worth exploring. Read more. Continue reading

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Brockville General Hospital chooses Lean Advisors for Transformation

Lean Advisors, working with IRAP NRC, has been chosen by Brockville General Hospital and Regional facilities to lead their Lean Process Assessment and Transformation.
The end-to-end process in several areas will be assessed and redesigned in order to improve the flow of information, communication and the patient throughout the system. Continue reading

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Toyota-style management helps hospital cut ER wait times

Nowhere is the need for improved efficiency more critical than in emergency rooms, where speedy care is a key component of good care.
The approach, known as lean, has long helped the auto and aerospace industries reduce waste and boost value for customers through continuous small improvements. With a cash strapped government trying to rein in health spending, Ontario hospitals are catching up, spurred by provincial directives to do more with less. Continue reading

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IRB goes Lean to cope with demands of new refugee law

The federal governments overhaul of Canadas refugee determination system is driving the Immigration and Refugee Board to embrace business efficiency practices pioneered six decades ago by Japanese automaker Toyota. The IRB is turning to Lean processes that have been implemented in Canada Post and the Mint, in partnership with Lean Advisors, that it hopes will enable it to deal with refugee applications and appeals much more expeditiously. Continue reading

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